I’ve been thinking for a while now and I guess I’ve made up my mind about this blog. As cliché as this may sound I’ve always loved taking pictures and it’s one of the things that’s never left me! As they grow up kids usually have loads of hobbies, most of them just last for a while, some stay – and this is one of them for me. Up throughout the years my parents have used quite an amount of money on getting my pictures developed, from both regular cameras and disposable/one-time cameras, something I’ve really appreciated since most pictures wasn’t really prime-quality.

But in February I bought my very own digital single-lens reflex camera, a Nikon D3000 and I’ve been pretty satisfied with some of my own photos and I want to share them with the world, not just my facebook-friends, who has been bombarded with them ever since I got the camera.

So hopefully this won’t be a total failure and I’ll actually reach out to someone who’ll like what I show them, maybe get some comments and tips from others with the same passion for this hobby, or people who work with this.

Here’s two of my pictures for you, both from this summer. Wish me luck with this, I’ll need it 😉


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