A little walk with the camera and Henrik ^^

Someone is soooooo going to get mad! But I’m posting pictures of him anyways! I know he’s not gonna hate me ❤  Hehe, two weeks ago I got a visit from my friend Henrik, and it was awesome, because I hadn’t seen him in over a year! Bus as I am me, I had no idea what to do when having guests… I thought I was a total fail, but according to him I wasn’t… And that’s good… Well, since I love taking pictures, and  fall is here, I thought we could go outside and take some photos! 😀 I didn’t know he had new shoes…. Oh well! He hates being photographed, but I managed a couple of pictures, and I think it was a fun little trip 🙂 He borrowed my little digital Canon-camera, but atm I am not able to get the pictures from that camera and onto my computer :p to bad for him!  Now I’ll just wait for him to kill me when he sees this post… This might be my last, but I hope I’ll survive! 😀 Cheers!


Northern Lights

The place I live at the moment, Rena, is pretty far south in Norway, so the Aurora Borealis isn’t something we see every day. But the 26th of September, because of the solar-flare the 24th, the northern lights could be seen further south then normal. A couple of friends and I went outside to see if we could see it, and try to get some pictures, and I must say that I think this is good, being my first time trying to shoot the northern lights! Now I know a little better how to so it, so I’ll be better prepared for next time! But for now, enjoy these pictures 😉

(to see whole pictures, click on them… they’re a little big^^’)