The last couple of day I have been so stressed (hence the title).

Since the beginning of April I’ve had two courses running at the same time, meaning that right now I am studying 200%, something that’s not really a good idea at university(or so I have been told). People usually think it’s enough work having a 100% course running, and I have to agree, seeing how hectical it was for me in February and March, when I was working for 15 points for 8 weeks. This time, with 15 points being earned in 4 weeks, I really feel it on my body, especially now that the exams is coming up.

In my first subject, Audiovisual Production, I’ve had to make a campaign, with an audiovisual presentation, a graphical design and a text. So basicly this turned into me having to make a movietrailer for a made-up movie, posters for it and a pressrelease. Even with 4 weeks making it, it’s still a lot of work, but today I finally finished the trailer and the poster(s). My pressrelease is nearly done, hopefully it will be tomorrow. But then I have to make a presentation about it, finding other similar projects and analyze them. AND this has to be posted on net, so you can expect to see my work here within the end of next week. But I am sure I will pass this subject. Our mentor, Ola Höglund, a grafic designer with many years of experience, was really impressed with my work today! And though he’s not our examinator, he can’t possibly think I will fail. He also said he’s really looking forwards to see what I’ll be doing in the future, weather it’s in movies or photography, he’s sure I’ll do good. (This really made my day.)

My other subject, Musicmaking for moving images, (aka making music for film(!)) is a little bit harder. I am not sure how this subject will work out. We have FOUR part-exams in this subject (which would be more then enough WITHOUT Audiovisual Production). Two of these I am sure to ace, unfortunantly the two that counts the least.

Musicteory exam: I’ve been studying musicteory for so long… How can I possibly fail?

Musicteory exam 2: Making music in Logic, from notes and chords. Done deal.

But then there’s the two other exams… 

ImageDAW as synth: Basicly I have to make music with a synth. I don’t even know how to explain this! Thank the Goddess for good teachers! Andrew Scott, the teacher in synth has promised to help me next week, maybe I’m not lost?

Picture: Andrew showing us a synth.

Musicproduction for a filmsequence: My partner Thomas and I are making music to the intro of the movie The Shiningone of the best movies ever. Well…. At least he’s making music, using his laptop all the time, I’ve managed to get in a couple of ideas, cut the movie a little and have taken on me the task of writing most of our report. This has to be finished Imageand delivered on Sunday, so stress away… After delivering this we have to read up on one of the other groups project and have an oral presentation about their music! That’s so… weird… But oh well, when in Sweden

I can’t wait for the 4th of May! Then I’ll hopefully start my vecation! I’ll probably be asleep

the whole weekend.

I know I said that I’d probably write about my life here in Falun for this post – well right now this is my life here in Falun. Next week it might seem brighter and more alive. Hope so.  


Ready for a new try

Ok, this is awkward. It’s been 15 months since my last post, and well.. I havn’t really thought about this blog at all. Ok, maybe one or two times, who knows? But: what is the use of having a blog if not to use it? So I am going to try again, not knowing if I will make it, or fail once again, like so many times before.

Well, what’s going on in my life?

Right now I am studying abroad, in Falun Sweden. Being an Erasmus-student is really nice. I’ve been here for almost 3 months now and it really feels like home. To bad I am leaving again in under a month. I’ve gotten some nice new friends, the studies here is awesome and there is much more to do here then in Rena, where I usually study.

That’s just a really fast update, I AM going to write tomorrow, more specificly about my life here in Falun, and maybe some of you will be interested in reading about it, maybe not. Anyway, I am going to write and I am going to get at least 5 posts before forgetting about my blog again. We’ll see.

That’s for now. Blessed be.