Ready for a new try

Ok, this is awkward. It’s been 15 months since my last post, and well.. I havn’t really thought about this blog at all. Ok, maybe one or two times, who knows? But: what is the use of having a blog if not to use it? So I am going to try again, not knowing if I will make it, or fail once again, like so many times before.

Well, what’s going on in my life?

Right now I am studying abroad, in Falun Sweden. Being an Erasmus-student is really nice. I’ve been here for almost 3 months now and it really feels like home. To bad I am leaving again in under a month. I’ve gotten some nice new friends, the studies here is awesome and there is much more to do here then in Rena, where I usually study.

That’s just a really fast update, I AM going to write tomorrow, more specificly about my life here in Falun, and maybe some of you will be interested in reading about it, maybe not. Anyway, I am going to write and I am going to get at least 5 posts before forgetting about my blog again. We’ll see.

That’s for now. Blessed be.


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