I have drawn a lot in my life, but this is one of my drawings that I really love~  My Draco ❤ I drew it when I was 17 years old, free hand without drawing after some other picture! I am so happy with it ❤


Approaching Room 237

This is the result of Thomas and mine exam in Musikskapande till rörliga bilder (Musicmaking for film), which we got pretty good response on when we showed it to our class.
We were supposed to pick a scene, or part of a movie, and make music for it. We chose the openingscene to the movie The Shining, an awesome movie from 1980, hope you like it 😉

Den utstøttes hevn


For immediate release

is returning, and he is ready for revenge

FALUN – SWEDEN (April 23, 2013) – HiHM Film, in association with indie filmmaker Trine Kinden, is announcing the release of their newest movie, DEN UTSTØTTES HEVN (Revenge of the outcast). The movie is releasing in theatres May 3rd 2013. With award-winning actor and model, JØRGEN HAUG, in the part of detective Hansson, and Oscar-nominee Håkon Bechholm as the outcast, Jesse Stone, this will be a movie you cannot miss!
After several acclaimed movies, such as The revenge, Jealousy and the award-winning crime-movie, The Stillborn, filmmaker Trine Kinden is now ready to release her first Scandinavian movie, DEN UTSTØTTES HEVN (Revenge of the outcast) to all over Scandinavia.


With base in the novel Den søte hevn (The sweet revenge) written by Alexander Pettersen, Kinden takes us back to the early 60’s, where corruption and money is power in the city of Eldaren. After being chased from the city when their gan

g was taken down, Jesse Stone, played by Håkon Bechholm, returns to get his revenge on the detective Harold Hansson, Jørgen Haug, who led the investigation that led to their fall. Using the seductive singer, Lola Lovine (played by singer-songwriter and model, Karoline Magnussen), Stone sets a deadly trap to take down the detective for good.
Author Alexander Pettersen has been participating with Kinden in the making of the movie and is excited for the release of the movie. “I never really thought my book


would be made into a movie, so when I heard of the idea I have to admit I was kind of skeptical. But I can barely believe how well it turned out. I can’t wait to see it in the movies.” Pettersen also comments that this is one of the movies you can’t miss this y

ear and urges all crime-fans to take a trip to the cinema. “If you liked my book, you’re going to love this movie.”

For more information, visit https://axwya.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/den-utstottes-hevn/ or contact us with the information written above.
About HiHm Film
Høgskolen i Hedmark Film is a company based in Hedmark, Norway, whose main policy is to give young Scandinavian filmmakers a chance to make it in the world of film. They cooperate closely with Høgskolen i Hedmark, where many young protégés study to become filmmakers. They wish to promote the Scandinavian film culture and give show the world that it’s not only big countries like America, England and France that can make it in the world of movies.
For additional information about HiHM Film visit: http://www.hihmfilm.no