Oh boring days…

My summervecation started one month ago. I am so BORED. Of course, there are probably hundreds of things I can do, but… Most of them doesn’t appeal to me at all.

The last days of April I managed to get everything done for my exams and I was pretty happy with everything. I’ve posted some of my exams here, as you’ve probably seen. The music to “Approaching Room 237” got so much good feedback in class, neither the teacher or the students who presented our work had anything negative to say about it. Perfect. But then, when it came to the other project I got really stressed! Like I said, my mentor said he loved it and thought I’d done a wonderful job, I didn’t think I had to work anymore with it. But then the examiner watched it and he didn’t like it at all! Clearly the two of them had totally different views on what the project should be like, and what my mentor meant didn’t mean anything at all! So, since they hadn’t talked about what the projects should look like, what standards we should work from or anything(!) I basically felt screwed over. This was the 30th, so what I had to do was redo the whole thing, making what I’ve posted earlier now. I ended up making it black and white, after working hours on the colouring (which the examiner didn’t like at all!(basicly what my mentor loved)), I had to start clipping the music, changing parts and putting in new sounds, the whole tempo of the film had to be faster and BLAH! And since my boyfriend came to visit me for my birthday, coming this day, he had to wait for me to finish, probably being bored ass h*ll. But luckily he didn’t mind ❤ and after working hard, I didn’t give a f*ck and sent it in.

Over a month ago… Havn’t gotten my


grade yet! Swedes are SLOW. I was supposed to get it over a week ago… Goddess, idiotas!

But when all this was done, I had a few days with my boyfriend ❤
Alex left the 3rd of May, after I’d finished my last class, so what to do then? I couldn’t leave yet, since I’d have to be there the 13th, cleaning out and opening up for the man getting the furniture. What to do? Relax in the sun! The weather was soooo nice most of these days, so Olga and I went to the park, just relaxing, eating icecream, trying the water (well, I did) and deciding NOT to take a bath yet. Him driving to Falun was the best birthdaygift ever ^^ It was so nice to show him around and just spending time with him, going to the cinema and eating a fancy birthday-dinner at a Subway-restaurant ( XP ). We went to a pub with some of my friends, watching
a football-match, I’ve never seen him walk that much! Usually he drives everywhere, so I was amazed that he had that much energy! Nah, we had lots of fun and thanks to him I had a great bithday, wouldn’t have been the same without him! Thank you, Alexander :*


The 11th my mum drove to Falun to get me! That’s a 5.5 hour long drive! She’s the best. Helping me clean out the flat and getting everything ready for monday so we could drive home. Lovely.

At home: working in the garden and in the house. Boring work. So. Boring. Made a new flowerbed, planted a couple of bigger plants/trees and now we’re working on a little place to grow herbs and  vegetables. Almost there.


Luckily we’ve had our nice neighbours helping us ^^ sometimes I wonder what we’d do without them! And of course our cat, making sure the flowerbeds have enough neutrisions…

If you know what I mean… -.-Silly kitty, thinking everywhere is his own personal litterbox. But we love him anyways ^^ For now.