30 Day Challange – Day 2

Day 2! Hah! I bet some of you didn’t think I’d make it this far 😉 

Write about your relationship status


Uhm, ok… What is there to say? As all my facebook-friends and real life-friends know, I am in a domestic relationship with my boyfriend, Alexander. (Means we’re living together…). We met for the first time in fall of 2011. We had both started at Hedmark University College, he studying Music Management, I studying Digital Mediaproduction. I was living with a friend called Carina, and he started to come over to study with her (obviously liking her…Ehem…). So we some times hung out when we went out and spring 2012 he started texting me and we started talking more and more. We became friends. After breaking up with the guy I was seeing at that time, we started hanging out more and in a couple of months we kinda started going out. He was so cute, asking me to be his girlfriend!


A year later we moved in together. He’s working and I’m studying. I think he’s pretty happy with me, I know I am with him. We have a beautiful little cat together, which I call our baby, freaking him out a little ❤ We play League of Legends together, some times other games where he totally kicks my ass, watch movies and just hang out, enjoying eachothers company. I miss him when he’s not around, and I know he misses me too. Since it all started out with a nice friendship it’s turned into a good relationship. We argue and have our ups and downs, just like any other couple, but in the end he admits to being wrong and we make up 😉 I am lucky to have found a guy like him, who lets me have boy-friends without getting jealous and needy, and trusts in me like a boyfriend should ❤ He makes me happy ❤



39 Day Challenge – Day 1

Here goes! First post in my 30 day challange!

1. Post a picture of yourself, and 10 facts about yourself.


So this is me. Yes, I have many zits some times, and some times non at all. 


1. I’m born on the 2nd of May, 1990. 

2. I have blue eyes and dark brown hair. 

3. I’m 162.5 cm tall! The last 0.5 cm is very important to remember, as it makes me 0.5 cm taller then the others who say they’re  162 tall! 

4. I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis. On special occasions, or if I really feel like doing something different, but usually… No. I don’t brush my hair every day either. 

54. I am a Pepsi Max-oholic and a chocolatoholic(writing this, I just ate a bite of chocolate, my pepsi max waiting on the table). 

6. I play 10 instruments. Among them the French horn, tuba, clarinett, trumpet and ukulele.

7. I play League of Legends, my main being Malzahar on mid, second Soraka support. I can go a long time without playing, but when I start… Well, I’ll go on for a while… 

8. I’m bisexual, meaning I like both men and woman. 

9. I’m a pagan. A witch if you’d like to say that. I know I do. 

10. I believe in ghosts. Of course I do! I believe in the soul and in the World Energy, so ghosts should be a part of that. (This is my opinion, not the shared opinion of all pagans/witches.)


I really didn’t think writing 10 things about me would be this easy! I guess I could write much more, but you were promised 10, so there you go 😉   

30 Day Challenge

Yesterday one of my facebook-friends posted a link to her blog on facebook, starting the “30 day challange”. She’s going to post on her blog every day, using a premade list of what to write about each day. So I thought to myself, why not? So here goes. I’ll be trying to post every day for the next 30 day, and hopefully I’ll manage this.

I am lazy. That’s a fact. But when I set my mind to it, I usually go through with it. With my blog the problem is that I don’t feel like I have much to write about, and suddenly it’s been a couple of months since the last time. Now I’ll know what to write every day, and maybe that’ll help me continue writing when these 30 days are over? We’ll see. 

Here is the list, I’ll be posting my first day of the 30 day challange pretty soon.