39 Day Challenge – Day 1

Here goes! First post in my 30 day challange!

1. Post a picture of yourself, and 10 facts about yourself.


So this is me. Yes, I have many zits some times, and some times non at all. 


1. I’m born on the 2nd of May, 1990. 

2. I have blue eyes and dark brown hair. 

3. I’m 162.5 cm tall! The last 0.5 cm is very important to remember, as it makes me 0.5 cm taller then the others who say they’re  162 tall! 

4. I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis. On special occasions, or if I really feel like doing something different, but usually… No. I don’t brush my hair every day either. 

54. I am a Pepsi Max-oholic and a chocolatoholic(writing this, I just ate a bite of chocolate, my pepsi max waiting on the table). 

6. I play 10 instruments. Among them the French horn, tuba, clarinett, trumpet and ukulele.

7. I play League of Legends, my main being Malzahar on mid, second Soraka support. I can go a long time without playing, but when I start… Well, I’ll go on for a while… 

8. I’m bisexual, meaning I like both men and woman. 

9. I’m a pagan. A witch if you’d like to say that. I know I do. 

10. I believe in ghosts. Of course I do! I believe in the soul and in the World Energy, so ghosts should be a part of that. (This is my opinion, not the shared opinion of all pagans/witches.)


I really didn’t think writing 10 things about me would be this easy! I guess I could write much more, but you were promised 10, so there you go 😉   


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