30 Day Challenge – Day 30

Wow, I have now, to my and many of yours great surprise, made it to day 30 in the 30 day challenge. Well, day 29 since one day were missing, but I’ve still made it through the list now. I have to admit that when I started I was not sure if I would make it, so this is a little achievement for me. And look at the stats for my blog! It’s risen with over 1 000 views! Not bad at all! And it’s been seen over a lot of the world. Missing many, but still cool.


Your definition of love.

How do you explain love? Love can be so many things, and it comes in many forms. Love can be a feeling for someone special and can be hidden in things, gestures and even in a smile. Love is when you want someone to be happy and you would do anything to make that person happy, even if you had to give up your own happiness. Love is when you sit next to someone and feel happy only having him or her near, when someone makes you feel like everything is alright and when they make you feel whole.   Love is when you spend your time listening to another persons thoughts and troubles, even though you could be out with other friends, and it doesn’t feel like your wasting your time bacause you want to comfort and be there for this person. Love is knowing that no matter what happends, you’ll have someone to talk to and that this person will always be there when you need them. It is wanting to have a person next to you, to take them into your plans and ideas before desiding anything because you don’t want this person to leave your side.

Love is what I feel for my parents, my siblings and my boyfriend, knowing that they mean the world to me and knowing they’ll always be there when I need them. That’s why I tell them I love them whenever I can, because I want them to know how much they mean to me and that I don’t want to lose them. Whenever I go home and stay with my mum I make sure to tell her I love her every day, some times several times a day, because she means the world to me. When I’m here with my boyfriend I tell him I love him for the smallest things, to remind him that I do love him, and I love what he makes me feel.

Love can’t be defined easily, love is so many things it’s impossible to explain it all, this is only a little part of what love is, the first things that come to mind when I am asked to define it. I guess love is something that’s everywhere, and it’s a big part of my life and something I can’t live without. A life without love is no life at all I guess, at least it must be very lonely.

So yeah, it’s a vague definition, but here you have mine. Explaining love really isn’t easy, and I bet all of the things I wrote above sounds like real clichés, but I guess some times a good cliché is the best way to explain something.


30 Day Challenge – Day 29

Oh my Goddess! There is no Day 28 on the list! How did that happend? I copied the list from a friend, and to her surprise there is non there either! Which means there’s something wrong with this world! Maybe 28 is some kind of magical number, or it has some special kind of meaning? I have no idea, I just know that there is no 28, so here goes with number 29.

A photo of you as a baby.

I was such a cute baby, and you will all now be wondering what in the world happend to me?


Well, beauty can’t last forever, though many try to make it. Here I am 4 months at the day, the 2nd of September 1990. When I was a baby I had the most beautiful eyes, and I wasn’t all bad looking, many kids look… well, not ugly, but not really good, so my mum and dad really did a good job with me! And I had really light brown hair, aaaalmost on the dark blond part, but just missed it by a gradient. You can at least for sure say that I am no blonde today. I hope one day I’ll have children and I hope they’ll look a little like me! Yes, it’s not allowed to call yourself beautiful, but as a baby, come on, that has to be the exception to the rule. I’m not really sure what else to write to this post, there’s not much to say, so I’ll just throw in another picture of me as a kid and call it a night.


My little sister and me, here aged… maybe 1 and 3 I guess. My sister had the loveliest little curls! ❤

30 Day Challenge – Day 27

Your zodiac sign and how it fits your personality.

Since I am born on the 2nd of May, I am a taurus. I’ve decided to copy a text from the internet to give you the “idea” of what the taurus is, though there is many different versions.

Taurus: April 20 – May 20 

Taurus Personality Profile:

Those born under the sign of Taurus exhibit a gentle strength and quiet firmness of resolve. Much like the mighty bull that symbolizes this astrological sign, individuals born under the sign of Taurus exhibit a rare patience, discipline, deep underlying strength and steadfast persistence. A Taurean is typically trustworthy, reliable and very protective of those they love.

People with a sun sign of Taurus are typically very social and exhibit a strong sense of commitment to their friends. Loyalty between friends, business partners and romantic interests is something that Taurus individuals exhibit and expect in return. Taureans typically go through phases of being extremely extroverted, followed by waves of being introverted and philosophical. Creativity often runs strongly in Taurean blood. (Source: ifate.com )

Taurus Strength Keywords:

– Dependable
– Persistent
– Loyal
– Patient
– Generous

Taurus Weakness Keywords:

– Stubborn
– Laziness
– Possessive
– Materialistic
– Self-indulging

(Source: zodiac-signs-astrology.com )

Ok! So which of these fit me?

  • Dependable :  I would like to think so. When people are depending on me, I usually manage to be there for them and do what is needed of me. Of course, there will always be times when things doesn’t turn out the way we wish they would, but you can count on me to still be there while you need me.
  • Persistent: Well… I’m stubborn, and I can go a long way to get it my way. If I want something to happend I guess the chances they will happend is rather big. I keep going till I reach my goals… Yes, I am persistent.
  • Loyal: I think of myself as a loyal friend, a loyal daughter, sister, girlfriend… I usually dislike having to chose my loyalty, when this happends I get a bad feeling for the part I have to be against. I wish for people to be loyal to me, so being loyal towards them should be the least I can do back.
  • Patient: This depends totally on the situation. I am not very patient when it comes to playing games, I hate it when I don’t learn fast enough or when I have to wait… But I am very patient with people, animals, my work…. So yes, depending on the situation, I am mostly patient.
  • Generous: I am generous with my love… But no… I don’t think I am generous all in all… maybe if I had more to be generous with? I am generous with things not materialistic… Not money and those kinda things.
  • Stubborn: Yes! I am very stubborn at times, though I am learning to let people have their way more often, I can really set my foot down and act like a spoiled brat.
  • Lazy: Yes! Yesyesyes! I am. I lay in bed way to long, I sit on my butt all day long and I put things off for way to long… But I am trying to change that.
  • Possessive: Meh… So and so, I am good at sharing, but no one touches my Ai, Nemi or Alex!
  • Materalistic: Yes, I am. Though I am very spiritual as well I enjoy having material things around me, nice things, things I need and don’t need.
  • Self-indulging: I’ll admit to that… At least a bit…

As for what is said in the text I am not a very social person, I like small groups and enjoy being alone much of the time.

30 Day Challenge – Day 26

So I did a little experiment: I skipped posting my blog on facebook for one day, to see how many still took the time to check up on my blog! Almost no one! Very disappointing indeed! You better get your act together guys! Nah, just joking. I am sure some of you owuld notice if I didn’t post it for a while.

Well, todays challenge forces me to use pictures that’s not mine!

Give 5 pictures of famous guys/girls you find attractive.

Matt Dallas, especially in the series Kyle XY ❤

The ALWAYS beautiful Jennifer Love Hewit

What girl in her right mind does NOT think JOHNNY DEPP is attractive?

This woman is beautiful, and her smile is adorable ❤ Liv Tayler

Yes, bald CAN be attractive. Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor in Smalbille. I had a HUGE crush!

There you go! Beautiful people, wonderful people. I wish I was as attractive, but not everyone can be that lucky (sorry Alex!). Everyone has their own meaning of what’s attractive I guess, some of you will think my taste is… All but good. But hey, I won’t judge your taste in people! Well, tomorrow I’ll be telling you about my zodiac!

30 Day Challenge – Day 25

Close to midnight, and here comes challenge number 25!

Tell us 5 places you want to visit

There’s so many places I want to visit! Narrowing it down to 5 places… No, we can’t narrow down the number of places I want to visit, but we can chose to just mention 5 of them… Yes.

  1. Japan – I’ve always loved the culture and language, so I really want to go there some time! I’m not sure where exactly, I want to see big parts of the country, experience all the different aspects of the place!
  2. Athens – culture and history! I want to go to Grece, see the old ruins, experience the culture and wonderful people!
  3. Egypt – who doesn’t want to see the pyramides? More culture!
  4. Island – language, old nordic traditions… I just really wanna see it!
  5. Hawaii – when I was little it was the one place I wanted to travel to too have the perfect vecation with sun, beaches and hula! I also want to experience that special hawaiian hospitality and traditions!
Picture from Budapest.

Picture from Budapest.

Other reasons I want to go to these places is that I want to take pictures there! It’s so many different landscapes, so many different cultures and traditions, it’ll give a wonderful, wide specter of photography oppurtunities! I really want to travel through Norway one summer, take pictures and see everything this country can offer. That will probably be the first thing, and the thing most likely to happend, and I’ll love it. If I could chose I’d want to see the whole world, but I don’t think I will have the chance to do something like that.

30 Day Challenge – Day 24

Todays challenge is an easy one – I know exactly which object to tell you about!! 

A picture of an object which means a lot to you, and why. 


This is my teddybear, Ai! She is simply the best teddy in the world, yellow in color and a great cuddebuddy! The reason I want to show you Ai is because she is a really special teddy! I got her when I was born, and she’s been with me ever since! It was the first gift I got from my older brother, Erik, who got her at a fair when my mum was still pregnant with me, and she means the world to me. She’s been everywhere with me, home, Toneheim, the military (usually locked in the closet or in my bag though, except for at night), and now here when I’m studying. When I have her with me I have a part of home close, and she’s always there when I have to cry (of course she is, she’s a teddy).Her name comes from the japanese word for love, Ai. She got the name when we we’re about 15 years old, and today she’s sleeping between me and my boyfriend ^^


Today some of my friends came over! Look at us, enjoying waffles, games and eachother~ I had a really nice evening, after being in bad shape for so many days. Thanks for coming by, guys ❤


Alex, Jamila, Roza, Marie, Christine and Carina ❤


Ops, this post is a little late… Playing while the pictures uploaded!

30 Day Challenge – Day 23

Well, today I did not forget and I have lots of time left of the day to write here! When I got up today I really didn’t feel well, but I’m doing a little better now! At least no problems with my appetite, I’m actually hungry now. So my lovely Alex… I’m sorry, big, strong, masculine Alex, is making pizza. Well, enough of that, todays challenge is as follows:

A picture of you with family.

Once again, I have a problem with this one. I don’t have any pictures of my whole family, 1st of all because my parents are devorced (I have some that’s really old, of course, but not digitally) and 2nd of all because, if we’re talking the WHOLE family, I have 30 first cousins. So it’s a big group and I havn’t seen all of them at once since my sisters confirmation, which is now almost seven years ago. But I’ll post a couple of different pictures, just to show of my lovely closest family!

My dad and his new family, Ther

My dad and his new family, Therese, Lena and Elias. A picture I took when I was working a few weeks ago. 




I’ll be updating this post later, as I have to find a picture of my brother and his family to post here… So to be continued ^^