30 Day Challange – Day 3

Day 3! Not bad 😀

A picture of you and your friends

Well, most of my pictures is not here, they’re in my apartment, where I live with my boyfriend. And I don’t have ONE picture with me and all my friends, I have loads of them, and I’m not in all of them, so I’ll try to post a few of them.


Me, Heen and Andy~ Two of my friends from my year in the Kings Guards ❤



Olga, my Polish friend from my stay in Sweden ❤ Photo belongs to Olga Tamara ( https://www.facebook.com/olga.tamara.9?ref=ts&fref=ts )




Marie, Jamila, me, Christine, Carina and Emil. Photo by Roza Dawood ( https://www.facebook.com/roza.d.91 )




The best. Tor, Jonner, Eivind and Levi on the screen. Friends from Highschool, best ever.



Hanne Siri, Linn Iren and Julia ❤ God I miss you guys



Karoline, Bjarne, Mailis and me. Friends from Toneheim, some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and so happy I know them.



And of course my best friend, my sister, Maiken, and me. Photo belongs to Anette Ask ( https://www.facebook.com/anetteask )

So there you go, there’s so many more that should be in this post, but I don’t have pictures og all my friends. I don’t see my friends very often, but it’s said that the true friends are those you can be away from for a very long time, but when you meet again, it’s like you never parted at all. This is how I feel about many of these people. Thanks for being in my life ❤


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