30 Day Challenge – Day 4

10 likes and 10 dislikes

Hmmm, most people like and dislike many things, and I’m no different. But which likes and dislikes should I pick here…. 


  1.  Bathing. In a tub, or in the wild, I’ll stay in the water for hours if I can. 
  2.  Chocolate. ❤
  3.  Music. Not just listening, but playing music is also an important part of my life. 
  4.  My friends. What would I do without them? 
  5.  Family. I’ve been so lucky to get a wonderful family. We argue and disagree about many things, but they’re always there when I need them. 
  6.  Cats. And all other animals really. But my cat Nemi is the best ❤ I’m not one of those persons who scream and jump up on a chair when I see a mouse, or freak out bco spiders. They’re ok. 
  7.  Photography. Taking pictures. Seeing the world through a lense. 
  8.  My boyfriend. Why else would he be my boyfriend? 
  9.  Books. Reading is a wonderful way to spend your days, entering a whole new world of magic, danger, romance…. 
  10.  Drawing ❤ I havn’t done it much lately, but when I sit down with my pecils I love doing it. 



  1. Mess. I love a tidy place, but I’m to lazy to do anything about it…
  2. Mornings. See number 10 on my likes-list.
  3. Freezing. Especially in the morning.
  4. People that’s “always right”, no matter what….
  5. Closeminded people.
  6. People who’re mean to animals. 
  7. Flamers (in games, like LoL).
  8. Being sick. 
  9. Coca Cola. I just don’t like the taste. The sugar makes me sick. 
  10. People who dare treathen my family and friends. No, not dislike. Hate.


There yah go! Did you learn anything new about me? 


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