30 Day Challenge – Day 5

Day 5, not bad at all! The first 3 days I wrote when I had nothing to do at work. Yesterday and today I am at home, still writing. For me that was the challenge, to actually write when sitting at home. The fact that I am actually continuing with what I started makes me kinda proud of myself, even though it might not seem like a big thing. And people are actually reading it! Through I don’t know who it is, except from my boyfriend and my sister. It’s probably just because I post it at facebook, maybe people just click it without reading just to see what it is, but hey, pretending people actually read this keeps me going. 


A picture of somewhere you’ve been to.

 I don’t want to use pictures I’ve found online, and I don’t have any digital pictures of this trip on my computer, so I’ll just take a few pictures of the scrapbook I made from this trip. These are taken with my phone now, so sorry if the quality isn’t perfect. I’ve used two minutes to make them into a weird thing: be confuzed. 




20.4 – 25.4 2008 my class went to ROME ❤ I’ve been to a few places, Budapest, Scarborough, Garda, but Rome is the most beautiful place I’ve been to. The Colloseum, Fontana di Travi, the Pantheon, Scalinata di Spagna… I love history, I love art, I love Rome! Though this was a classtrip, and we had to follow a set schedule, we had some time time to do what we wanted to do and we really got to enjoy the trip. I also got to know a girl from my parallell class, who turned into a good friend of mine for the next couple of years. I also got to spend loads of time with the boys who turned out to be the best friends I could get! 

I threw a coin in Fontana di Travi, so I know I’ll be going back some day ❤ ROMA AMOR


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