30 Day Challenge – Day 6

Day six!

Tell us about your pets, the ones you’ve had and lost.

Ok, my pets! I’ve had a couple, dogs and cats. I know we had birds at one time, but I think that was before I was born, I can’t remember anything about them… The same goes for the cat… A black and white cat I know we had at the same time as the first dog I remember, I thiiink he was still alive when I was born, but I don’t remember him.


The first pet I remember is Aiva, our blackcoated retriver. She was a beautiful dog but she passed away when I was 3 or 4 years old. I don’t have many memories about her, most of what I know my parents have told me, or I’ve seen pictures of it. I know my dad used to tie my sled to her and then let her run with me, but I don’t remember that. The one real memory I have of her is the day we said goodbye to her. My parents told us to say goodbye to her, I don’t think I really understood what was going on, but I remember hugging her around the neck, and after that I never saw her again.  I love this picture, it’s me, my big brother next to the snowman, one of his friends and Aiva.

In 1995 I found one of the best friends I’ve ever had. We got a cat, Thomas. This was not a normal cat, he was special.


He was there when I grew up, he used to come lie down with me when I was sad and could always lighten my day when I needed it. He had soft white and light brown fur and the most gentle eyes… He was so calm, used to being handled since my sister and I used to play with him… I remember trying to put a dress on him… I don’t think it worked… Anyway! June 2007 he passed, the day before my sisters confirmation. 12 years with him was not enough. He did not die a painless death. The vet said he had probably been drinking in the river, where someone had spilled coolant. Urine poisoning in the blood. He hid behind the tub, slowly losing half of his weight. My uncle and brother took him to the vet, but it was to late to help him and it was better to end his pain. It’s probably stupid, but I still miss him.

Rottenjägers gesmachwolle Gabi. I think we got her in 2003. 167027_10150350431400023_5465201_nOur lovely little pinscher. We never really got her to behave like Aiva…. If she gets the chance she’ll run of on her own… And she’s so fussy! Barking and running around like a wild dog whenever she hears someone outside the house. But she is a guard dog, and I’m sure she’d do anything to protect her family. And she’s really good with kids! When my dad moved out in 2005 she left with him. But when my little sister Lena was about a year old they found out she was allergic and they had to find a new home to her. I was scared we’d lose her, but then my brother saved us by taking her off their hands. Now she lives in Ålesund with my brother and his family, a nice little familydog, enjoying her life.

6772_230549675022_5511742_nWhen Thomas died, the house felt so empty. My mum and sister had already planned on getting Maiken a cat of her own, since Thomas was mostly mine, so it ended up with us getting two kittens, Chõwa and Sokrates. Chõwa was my cat, a lovely white cat with brown spots. A true beauty. He desided to leave us after 3-4 years, finding a new home. I know a boy living two streets down from our home and another boy threw him between themselfs and into a puddle, so I can’t blame him… I won’t mention names, though I know who they are, because I have no evidence, the person who was them was to scared of them to actually say anything! I am so mad at them, it’s pathetic to do things like that… But anyways, he had a new home now, not far away from here and he seems very content. Even though it’s been years, when I call his name when I see him he reacts to it and comes over to say hi. I know he likes it better there, or he’d come back to us, and as long as he’s happy I’m happy. It’s just nice to see him some times, knowing he’s fine. ❤
Sokrates is Chõwas twin brother, and he’s currently living with my mum. He’s really my sisters cat, but it’s mum taking care of him. He’s black and white, a gentle soul though he gets easily agitated. Oh, and the last 3 weeks he’s peed in my bed 5 times. On me. I don’t know why, he’s never done anything like that before, but yeah… Might be because of my new cat, rebelling… But I can’t be mad at him, he’s a lovely cat, cuddely, even


though he uses his claws way to much! He follows me when I leave for the bus in the morning, keeping me company. Sweet sweet cat ❤

Last but not least: Nemi. Visiting my family the summer of 2013 Ihad no idea, no intentions, of coming home with a new cat. But it was love at first sight! My aunt had 3 kittens to find homes to, and just jokingly said I could take one home. So I took one. My boyfriend wasn’t really sure, couldn’t I wait and get a kitten later? NO. It was this kitten. I already loved her. So it ended up with me taking Nemi for a 6 hour drive home, and I have no regrets. Nemi is a smart cat, and with smart comes cunning… She knows what she’s doing, opening doors and getting to the weirdest places to get her way. I am trying to teach her not to walk on the tables and on the shelves, digging in the flowerpots and running of with my knitting equitment…. But she’s a good kitten too. She understands a lot of what I’m saying and she’s a cozy kitty. She’s decided that Sokrates is her kitty-boyfriend, jumping him all the time and driving him mad… I am sure he’s looking forwards to us leaving, but I think he likes it a little too. I love my new kitty and I hope we’ll have many years together ❤


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