30 Day Challenge – Day 9

Today I’ll be writing something that is really interesting for all of you:

Tell us about your day in detail. 

3.00: It’s the middle of the night, everything is dark. The sound of my door slowly opening wakes me up, but I can’t see anything but the slight light from the top of the dooropening. I shrug to myself, thinking it’s all my imagination and turn away from the door. A pair of glowing eyes stare right at me. Nemi licks my nose and start jumping around wanting me to get up. I push her of the bed and fall asleep again. 

7:15: My mum comes into the room, telling me that she’s going to work. Nemi once again tried to get me out of bed. Go away, kitty, sleepytime. 

8:15: Time to get up! Nemi heard my alarmclock, so she helped me get out of bed by washing my face. Thank you. I went to the toilet, then the bathroom, got Nemi some new water and played catch with her (a little mouse I throw and she catches…). Then I grab a banana and pack my backpack before walking to the bus at 8:45. I have one crutch, since my leg hurts, and needed the time to walk to the bus. I met my friend Tine, but she had to run to get her kid to kindergarden before catching the bus. 

9:30: I get to work, sit down by the computer and start playing around with some pictures, not really having any special jobs to do after fixing some old pictures. Help Tom get to see the Olympics on the computer at work, read in my book, chat with my sister and take some passport pictures. Since we’re setting up a new lab (the machine we use to print the pictures), we don’t really have much to do, not many people stopping by and so on… This goes on, with little variation till 4 o’clock. 

16:00 I leave work and go to the mall, try on a some pants, as usual nothing looks good on me. I  get some veggie-food and buy a new sketchbook. Call my mum, she’ll be there in 25 minutes to get me, so I go buy something to eat and sit down. A guy comes over and sits down with me, saying he has to sit down when such a beautiful girl needs some company. We sit there for about 10 minutes before my mum arrives, I say goodby to the guy and go home with mum. 

17:45: Waffle-time. That’s one nice dinner. Then I sit down by my computer and write this. The rest of the day I’ll probably be playing League of Legends, watch some tv and just chill before going to bed. 


Like I said, playing with pictures…. Model: Maiken, my lovely sister


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