30 Day Challange – Day 12

In detail, tell us about one thing you hate. 

There’s so many things to hate in the world, but I’m luck to have more things to love… I also try not to use the word hate about the small things; I don’t HATE brussels sprout, I don’t HATE when my pencil break, I simply dislike it. But unfortunantly there are some things I have to hate, and I really wish those things didn’t excist. I can write about war, poverty, cancer, pedofiles, but I want to write a little about one of the unnecessary things that so many people are full of: bigotry. 

I come from a family where I’ve been thought that people are different and that everyone should be able to chose their own way of life, something that has letten me chose to be a vegetarian, bisexual pagan. Already when I say these three words we have three, or so some people say, “reasons” to hate me.

I am a vegitarian. This means I have to be some tree-hugging, rebellious activist, trying to make people who eat meat vegetarians, tell them about the cruelty of the slaughter of innocent animals, why it is wrong to eat another being and how they will burn in hell for their evil. Really. I don’t. I couldn’t care less about what you eat. Ok, I will admit that I am against the production of foie gras, but I won’t get started on that. And I can’t think of hurting an animal! And I am absolutely against other people hurting animals, but so is many others, who is not vegetarians. I don’t tell people off when I see them eating a burger, I even sit down and eat my meatfree lunch with them. I don’t push the fact, or the reason, I am a vegetarian up in your face, I answer when people ask, not before that. I can go into discussions with people, but I don’t do that unless they want me to. I don’t try to make people vegetarians, more often it’s other people who try to convince me that I should go back to eating meat. I am no rebellious activist who sits down naked infront of machines about to chop down a tree. You might think I do, you prejudice swine, but I don’t. 

As bisexual I am, of course, attracted to every girl AND boy I see. You shouldn’t get in the shower with me after gym class, I will stare you down and rape you. Or not. You might have a lucky day. Honestly! Some people think bisexuals are sexual animals, only after one thing, and they spread the word and make other people think so too. We are just like other people, the only difference is that we can fall in love with people of both genders. I’ve had a girlfriend. I’ve had several boyfriends. I have boy and girl friends, people I don’t feel attracted to, just like any other person. A streight girl doesn’t hunger for every boy, and a streight boy doesn’t hunger for every girl. It’s the same with lesbians and gays. There will always be the ones just looking for fun, but most of us is just looking for the love of our lifes. 

Pagan. Wiccan. This word will make many people think of devil worshiping, blood, sacrifices, sex with demons. That’s for the people who’ve heard rumours and not bothered to find out what it really is. I worship Gaia, the nature and the world energy. I love all living things and believe we’re all connected. That’s it. You see how different that is from devil worshiping, right? I hope so. That’s how wrong people can be, and when they think so they might not take the time to find out how things really are. They’ve heard one thing and that’s how they believe everyone is, that’s bigotry at its worst. 

This also spreads to many other things in the world, religion and race. Some black people are criminal, so we think everyone is and we dare not adress any of them, or try to get to know them. Muslims are terrorists. No. Most of them are decent people, wonderfull people who live with another faith then some of us. I keep thinking that if the world didn’t have all this predjudice there would be less hate, less war and less of many evils in the world. This one thing that can make us hate our neighbours makes us narrowminded and closed up from other kinds of people. I hope everyone can take some time to think about this, and maybe take a look at yourself and think about what kinds of predjudices you have. You probably have at least one, maybe one of the three I’ve written about here? I know I have one or two, and I am trying to rid myself of them the best I can. 


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