30 Day Challenge – Day 15

Yes!! 15 days! I’m halfway through the challange and I’ve written every day!!! And people keep reading ;O sweet! 

Write about something you worry about a lot.

Ok, first of all, a little confession about something I’ve been very open about the last year; I’ve been struggeling with depression for a long time. Part of the depression has been worrying about things, all from things like personal economy to death. I’ve been on meds for a while now and it has helped a lot, but there will always be worrying about things, even without depression. My main concern lately has been the future. 

In a few months I’ll be done with my bachelor, what will I do? The last 3 years I’ve been studying Digital Mediaproduction, which opens the door to many different carreers. The last 6 weeks I’ve been working with a photographer, which has made me even more set to become a photographer,  but it’s not a secure path to chose… I’ve heard a lot about photo businesses failing, especially with everyone getting their own cameras and “pro” gear. I want to follow my dream and do what I love, but where will I be able to do that? And will I be able to do so right after I finish school, or do I have to settle for a job I won’t like… Should I study more? I want to go to Nordic School of Photography, but will it be to late if I don’t go streight there? I know I don’t have money enough for that yet… The only thing I am sure about is that Alex, my boyfriend, will support me and follow me wherever I go, and that’s a real comfort. Yes, I have to find a place to stay… That doesn’t take Alex away from his work (he usually have to drive a couple of hours to work anyway), and makes me able to get to work without driving yet… And I don’t want it to be to far from my family… And I need to be able to keep Nemi… And I have to be able to work with my knee.. And…. SO MUCH. I guess you can see that I am a little worried about the future… I have faith that it will work out in the end, but I still lie awake at night thinkning about it… And I have to get my bachelor done first… Well, worrying is part of life… 



This is what I did at work today… Model: Maiken Kvalsund Kinden


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