30 Day Challenge – Day 17

Happy #Caturday everyone! Today Alex arrived just after I got out of bed, and I had no idea he had left his place yet ^^ So I’ve had a lazy day with him. Right now we’re just chilling, watching tv with my mum, so now I have time to write my blog ^^

5 things that irritate you about the opposite sex/same sex.

Since I am living with a boy, I’ll write about the opposite sex here, maybe I’ll write about girls later? I have, of course, told my boyfriend what todays theme is and have told him that I’ll be writing about everything he does that I don’t like… Poor guy. But this will be a list about things I’ve noticed in almost all the boys I’ve dated, and befriended.

  1. “Awww, you’re so mad.”  When guys are annoying me, I get irritated and then they start telling me that I’m sooo mad, grinning about it. THAT JUST MAKES ME MORE ANNOYD! I hate it, and in the end it makes me mad, because they never know when to stop!! Gawd!!! “Smiiiiile!” SHUT UP!
  2. Scratching their private parts in public. Ok, you have an itch. You don’t have to put your hand down your pants just because of that! And then take someones hand. Ew. Just learn to ignore it, I want to scratch my ass aaaall the time, but I don’t do it in public. At home, ok do it! But don’t do it when we’re eating, in front of my mum or before taking someones hand. When you first do it; AT LEAST WASH YOUR HANDS.

    Here's a picture of Sokrates, just because the blog is nicer with pictures. And I love cats.

    Here’s a picture of Sokrates, just because the blog is nicer with pictures. And I love cats.

  3. Pretending to be machomen. Most of the time it makes you look like a total idiot. Most of you don’t have so bit muscles that your arms have to be a metre from your body when walking, and you don’t have to flex your muscles all the time. Chill out. Be yourself.
  4. The /ignore. Like when playing games, watching tv or even making food. When I keep talking to a guy, he’s doing something else and “listens”, comes with the usual “mhm”, “sure” and “ok” and when we’ve planned something, the time comes he has no idea what I’m talking about and he claims not to have heard anything about it! Multitasking is NOT something most guys knows how to do.
  5. One of the worst things with so many boys; they always has to be better. The constant power struggle. No matter what, they want to be the better one at it. And when you tell them to do it then, to prove it, they either back of or do it, doing worse then you. The ones doing better is usually the ones that DOESN’T claim being better… So many men have an instinct that they have to be better then their female friends, some of them don’t even notice this!
    I am lucky enough to live with a guy that most of the time is ok with me being better at some things, and him being better at other things. It has nothing to do with feminism or sexism, it’s all about a person being better at a thing then another, male or female.

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