30 Day Challenge – Day 19

I got back here after living with my mum for 8 weeks yesterday, so my room is a total mess because I havn’t had the time to unpack yet… But this is todays challenge, so it just has to happend…

A picture of your room

Yey for several pictures! I have to take a couple of them to show of my wonderful little place of slumber~


My room seen from the door~ My side to the left, Alex’ side to the right~


Picture 2 of the room~ :D

Picture 2 of the room~ 😀



My room wouldn’t be complete without Ai, and of course my Klem-Fra-Torjus-pute~


Needed by the bedside: waterbottle, lot’s of reading material, Kleenex, Docs and a blindfold for when Alex get’s up at 5 am and turns on the lights.

Ok, so I pushed a few things under the bed before taking the pictures… As you can see I am the one with the most stuff in the room, Alex is allowed to have his clothes there… My room ^^



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