30 Day Challenge – Day 20

First of all: this post is a day late, at least here in Norway. I am sorry about this, but yesterday I didn’t get out of bed for more then my runs for the bathroom and for half an hour to get some soup in my body… I got up a few hours ago, after spending the last 36 hours in my own little hell. I don’t want to go into detail, but I’m now dehydrated and my whole body hurts like h*ll, I can’t really bend my back and I’m still going to the bathroom at least once an hour…    I ACTUALLY asked Alex if it was ok that I wrote two posts today so I didn’t have to stay up…

Btw, I advice people to stay at home if their loved ones get sick like this, it’s been hell to have to get up myself when I needed something… Unfortunantly Alex had to stay at work till 9 o’clock, but my sister came by with meds and told me just to call if I really needed her. And of course Nemi kept my company, making sure I was alive by licking me and waking me up every hour ❤ I know she just loves me. She was really wondering why I didn’t get up.

Anyway, here is challenge number 20!

5 Turn ons, and 5 Turn offs.

Uhm, things that turn me on and off… My mum reads this blog every day, so I think I’ll just write 5 things I find attractive and unattractive.

“Turn ons” or things I find attractive

  1. Healthy hair. I don’t know why, maybe it’s a human thing, but healthy hair is often a sign of good health I guess… Both in men and women.
  2. Respect. One of the most important things to make it work between people. I could never be with someone who doesn’t respect me, or someone I don’t respect, in all parts of life.
  3. The small gestures. Like when we watch movies, Alex likes to hold my hand and play with my fingers, when he strokes my hair and kisses my forehead.
  4. Out of nowhere, for no reason, roses or ingredients to make my favorite food ❤ It’s happend a couple of times, it’s lovely
  5. Massages! One of the best things I know…
"Oh, and you have to like kitties too! No Nemi, no Trine~ Rawr" Nemi.

“Oh, and you have to like kitties too! No Nemi, no Trine~ Rawr” Nemi.

“Turn offs” or things I find unattractive

  1.  Unbrushed teeth. Twice a day is good. People who don’t brush their teeth is gross…
  2. Not wanting to try out new things, especially the things your special one likes doing. Trying new things is the only way to find new things to like.
  3. Exercise junkies. Sorry, but I really don’t like people who are training all the time, always “training, training, training”… It’s ok that you want to train, it’s ok that you like to train, but it really shouldn’t be the only thing you talk about, pushing it in others faces and wanting to make others train too, bragging about your muscles all the time… F*** off….
  4. Refusing to massage ;o worst thing you can do!! I love massages! (I had to add this here too, making sure you know. I love massages. Love massages. Love.)
  5. Backing away when something’s wrong. If you can’t handle it when things ain’t perfect, you’re not someone worth keeping.

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