30 Day Challenge – Day 23

Well, today I did not forget and I have lots of time left of the day to write here! When I got up today I really didn’t feel well, but I’m doing a little better now! At least no problems with my appetite, I’m actually hungry now. So my lovely Alex… I’m sorry, big, strong, masculine Alex, is making pizza. Well, enough of that, todays challenge is as follows:

A picture of you with family.

Once again, I have a problem with this one. I don’t have any pictures of my whole family, 1st of all because my parents are devorced (I have some that’s really old, of course, but not digitally) and 2nd of all because, if we’re talking the WHOLE family, I have 30 first cousins. So it’s a big group and I havn’t seen all of them at once since my sisters confirmation, which is now almost seven years ago. But I’ll post a couple of different pictures, just to show of my lovely closest family!

My dad and his new family, Ther

My dad and his new family, Therese, Lena and Elias. A picture I took when I was working a few weeks ago. 




I’ll be updating this post later, as I have to find a picture of my brother and his family to post here… So to be continued ^^


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