30 Day Challenge – Day 24

Todays challenge is an easy one – I know exactly which object to tell you about!! 

A picture of an object which means a lot to you, and why. 


This is my teddybear, Ai! She is simply the best teddy in the world, yellow in color and a great cuddebuddy! The reason I want to show you Ai is because she is a really special teddy! I got her when I was born, and she’s been with me ever since! It was the first gift I got from my older brother, Erik, who got her at a fair when my mum was still pregnant with me, and she means the world to me. She’s been everywhere with me, home, Toneheim, the military (usually locked in the closet or in my bag though, except for at night), and now here when I’m studying. When I have her with me I have a part of home close, and she’s always there when I have to cry (of course she is, she’s a teddy).Her name comes from the japanese word for love, Ai. She got the name when we we’re about 15 years old, and today she’s sleeping between me and my boyfriend ^^


Today some of my friends came over! Look at us, enjoying waffles, games and eachother~ I had a really nice evening, after being in bad shape for so many days. Thanks for coming by, guys ❤


Alex, Jamila, Roza, Marie, Christine and Carina ❤


Ops, this post is a little late… Playing while the pictures uploaded!


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