30 Day Challenge – Day 25

Close to midnight, and here comes challenge number 25!

Tell us 5 places you want to visit

There’s so many places I want to visit! Narrowing it down to 5 places… No, we can’t narrow down the number of places I want to visit, but we can chose to just mention 5 of them… Yes.

  1. Japan – I’ve always loved the culture and language, so I really want to go there some time! I’m not sure where exactly, I want to see big parts of the country, experience all the different aspects of the place!
  2. Athens – culture and history! I want to go to Grece, see the old ruins, experience the culture and wonderful people!
  3. Egypt – who doesn’t want to see the pyramides? More culture!
  4. Island – language, old nordic traditions… I just really wanna see it!
  5. Hawaii – when I was little it was the one place I wanted to travel to too have the perfect vecation with sun, beaches and hula! I also want to experience that special hawaiian hospitality and traditions!
Picture from Budapest.

Picture from Budapest.

Other reasons I want to go to these places is that I want to take pictures there! It’s so many different landscapes, so many different cultures and traditions, it’ll give a wonderful, wide specter of photography oppurtunities! I really want to travel through Norway one summer, take pictures and see everything this country can offer. That will probably be the first thing, and the thing most likely to happend, and I’ll love it. If I could chose I’d want to see the whole world, but I don’t think I will have the chance to do something like that.


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