30 Day Challenge – Day 26

So I did a little experiment: I skipped posting my blog on facebook for one day, to see how many still took the time to check up on my blog! Almost no one! Very disappointing indeed! You better get your act together guys! Nah, just joking. I am sure some of you owuld notice if I didn’t post it for a while.

Well, todays challenge forces me to use pictures that’s not mine!

Give 5 pictures of famous guys/girls you find attractive.

Matt Dallas, especially in the series Kyle XY ❤

The ALWAYS beautiful Jennifer Love Hewit

What girl in her right mind does NOT think JOHNNY DEPP is attractive?

This woman is beautiful, and her smile is adorable ❤ Liv Tayler

Yes, bald CAN be attractive. Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor in Smalbille. I had a HUGE crush!

There you go! Beautiful people, wonderful people. I wish I was as attractive, but not everyone can be that lucky (sorry Alex!). Everyone has their own meaning of what’s attractive I guess, some of you will think my taste is… All but good. But hey, I won’t judge your taste in people! Well, tomorrow I’ll be telling you about my zodiac!


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