30 Day Challenge – Day 29

Oh my Goddess! There is no Day 28 on the list! How did that happend? I copied the list from a friend, and to her surprise there is non there either! Which means there’s something wrong with this world! Maybe 28 is some kind of magical number, or it has some special kind of meaning? I have no idea, I just know that there is no 28, so here goes with number 29.

A photo of you as a baby.

I was such a cute baby, and you will all now be wondering what in the world happend to me?


Well, beauty can’t last forever, though many try to make it. Here I am 4 months at the day, the 2nd of September 1990. When I was a baby I had the most beautiful eyes, and I wasn’t all bad looking, many kids look… well, not ugly, but not really good, so my mum and dad really did a good job with me! And I had really light brown hair, aaaalmost on the dark blond part, but just missed it by a gradient. You can at least for sure say that I am no blonde today. I hope one day I’ll have children and I hope they’ll look a little like me! Yes, it’s not allowed to call yourself beautiful, but as a baby, come on, that has to be the exception to the rule. I’m not really sure what else to write to this post, there’s not much to say, so I’ll just throw in another picture of me as a kid and call it a night.


My little sister and me, here aged… maybe 1 and 3 I guess. My sister had the loveliest little curls! ❤


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