2015 – a year to remember?

Well, a new year has passed, a new year has come (cliché). People say that as you grow older, each year will pass faster than the last – but this doesn’t really apply this time. 2015 has been a long year, I’m guessing there’s many reasons for that, but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what made it feel so long. Have I been bored? Has too few things happened this year? It doesn’t feel like a year, but closer to two years since my last new years eve.

I have both good memories and bad memories from the last year, and hopefully I’ll remember a lot from 2015 as the years pass. I’m going to tell you something that’s rather embarrassing for me to admit, but I don’t remember many things…It’s not like my memory is bad, I can read for a test and score 100, I can memorize songs, theories, how things are done, I remember my friends’ favorite foods, movies, etc., but I don’t remember doing stuff. Things I remember from earlier years are flashes of memories, a feeling, a smell, some times “films” in my mind, not seen from my own point of view. From my childhood I remember things I’ve seen on pictures or home movies, or flashes from when I’ve had a strong feeling or emotions about something. When I talk to people it always seems like they remember so much more than I do – my boyfriend can tell about hundreds of things! And there I am, remembering things I’ve been told or I’ve seen in pictures. I don’t even have many memories from my year at Toneheim, or my year in the royal guards. That’s why I took so many pictures – I wanted to remember as much as possible. That’s why I’m now trying to notice things more, with a hope to actually remember things. Maybe this is normal? I don’t know, but not remembering anything from my first 10 years of school kinda sucks…

So… in 2015 I’ve been trying. In 2016 I’ll try harder. Because I really want to remember how it was to be young when i grow old.

A few highlights from 2015 seems in order now. Thank Zuckerberg for Facebook so I can see what I’ve done…

The first thing that comes into mind is in may, when I was invited to join some friends to watch the Eurovision Song Contest with them! They have no idea how much it meant for me to be invited. I guess it’s not really a big deal for most people, but it meant the world to me, even though I didn’t show it as much as I could have. We had lots of fun, with dinner, drinking and song! And of course trying to guess who would win the competition, come in second and third. I got second place, beaten by the lovely Lillian, so it’s her turn to invite the rest of us again next year!


In June we had our five year reunion at Toneheim! The most wonderful year in my life, and I finally got to meet most of those I went there with again! Even though I had a small breakdown because of something someone said, it was a wonderful weekend. I am terrible at keeping in touch with people, so many of them I saw for the first time since we left school five years ago. It was awesome.

After that 3 friends and I went camping for a couple of days!

In June I also got an A on my exam (yey me) and I got accepted to the bachelor program. So now I’m on my second year.

The worst thing that happened this year was that my cat, Nemi, died. Not in the mood to write more about that at the moment… Maybe later.

I got a new cat, Tsarina, now. She’s cool. Crazy, but cool.


I also finished the drawing for a book, though we still have to see if Ida, who has written, gets to publish the book.

The 26th December my brother and his wife got a daughter! So I got a niece. I havn’t gotten to meet her yet, as I havn’t had time to make the trip (it’s a 7 hour drive there), but I’ll hopefully be able to meet her soon.

I am sure there’s more things I should mention, but… Yeah, I can’t think of any at the moment. If I can manage to blog more this year, maybe I’ll be able to remember more? It’s worth a try. As I’ve said time and time again, I am not a good blogger. I started a longer entry, but I never managed to complete it. So I’ll just have to settle for shorter entries, so I can manage to post them before I forget about them. Think I’ll manage?


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