I shall try to… 2016

I had planned on writing something like this yesterday, but I sat down to play board games with my family and boyfriend instead, so I guess I have to make this post today. An entry like this is something most people write either the last day of the year, or the first day of the year, but I’m not that organized. I have a tendency to be a little late with things that’s not important, or doesn’t have a deadline. That’s one of the things I’ve promised myself to get better at…

I’ve always made myself some kinds of promises at the beginning of every year, of the kind “I won’t do drugs” and “I’m not going to start smoking”, those kinda small things. I don’t really see them as new year resolutions, the things I’ve promised myself before, it’s always been things I know I’m going to keep on doing. At the same time I’m not a big fan of using the word resolutions (which is defined as “firm decisions to do something”) for the promises people give themselves when the new year begins. People seem to promise themselves and others the same thing, year after year, without being able to stick to it. What’s the point?

So, instead of making new year resolutions, I’ve decided to make a list of things I’m promising myself to try to do this year, but without the pressure. Sure, it might sound stupid to many, but for me it’s the mentality about it – I  don’t need to feel forced to do something, that usually makes me feel reluctant. So, in my almanac I’ve dedicated one of the first pages to my wishes for the year, I’ll probably keep adding things to it throughout the year. I thought I’d write them here too, since I’m desperately trying to keep writing things on my blog now, and since people who read this (one person? only me in a few years? mum?) might want to see what plans I have for the year, or just want to have a reason to make fun of me!


Sing every day. Dance when I’m happy. Train as much as I feel like. Eat as much as I want. Do what makes me happy there and then. Fight my depression. Smile. Follow my heart. Look at the stars. Paint what I feel. Do something that scares me. Enjoy what I have. Cry. Savor smells. Read myself to sleep. Take care of myself. Blog. Tell the people I love that I love them. Draw. Speak my mind when something bothers me. Laugh. Write. Play. Love. Learn something new. Meditate. Listen to other peoples opinions – and take them into consideration. Get new friends (and of course keep my old ones too!). Spend time with those I love. Be myself. Get a new tattoo. Swim. Appreciate the days. Save some money. Travel. Take pictures. 

That’s what I have till now. So… any ideas as to what I should add? Have you made any promises for the year? Who am I talking to?


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