30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 26

Today is one of those days. Everything is just wrong, at the gym I managed 10 minutes before it felt like my arm was about to break, my thumb is so painfull I’ve put bandage on my hand to keep it still, and I my mouth hurts because of an ulcer (going on the 2nd week). So todays drawing fits my mood.

Day 26: Something you don’t like

I could have just drawn my own body, but went with something else.

I don’t like war. Shocker. In a perfect world there would be no reason for wars, but we’re far away from that world yet. I could write more about this subject, but at the moment my hand is hurting to much, so maybe another time.

I like todays drawing. Looks cool! Even without new drawingpaper. Added a filter and some contrast on it to make it look a little rougher.


Day 26


30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 25

Day 25: Scenery

Today I’m kinda just saying to hell with it.

Forgot I had to draw, so just started something at 10 pm and I am now going to bed soon….  I might reupload the picture another day, when I get to work a little on it.

Day 25

30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 24

Today I can’t draw. I blame the paper… I’m using a sketsh pad with the worst paper ever… I can barely erase anything, and the grains are so big it’s impossible to get small details in.. I’ll look for some better paper tomorrow, I probably have some. Or I’ll just buy some monday. Annoying though.

Day 24: A couple

The first thing I thought was: no romantic bullpoo. I didn’t want to draw a classic holding around each other, holding hands kinda thing, I wanted to draw a part of a real relationship! So, they’re fixing up their apartment, painting! It’s something couples do ❤ and one of them is making a mess, because no one is perfect! I’ve named them Tess and Monique, I even started making my own backstory in my head! But I’m not going to write all that.


Day 24


30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 23

Day 23: Something you need

I am really happy with todays drawing, but as you can see I managed to curl up a part of the paper 😦 But it’s ok, I like it anyways!

OK, so something I need! I need my alone time. If I don’t get some minutes alone now and then I will go crazy. I need to just sit down, think, breath and enjoy being, it’s an important part of my life. I also need my alone time just to get out some feelings, some times just sing, some times just cry. Botteling things up is absolutely not good for anyone.

This picture is obviously not ment to be me, it’s just symbolic for what I need. And I love watching the northern light, so I put them in there too!

Hope you like this drawing! Enjoy!

Day 23

30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 22

Day 22: Something you miss

I miss so many things! I could think of tens of things to draw… But I chose one that wouldn’t be too hard to draw.

A few years back I was in an online Naruto RP group, we used messenger to chat, socialize, just plain have fun! They were my best friends at the time, and I miss talking to many of them! I have people on facebook now, but it’s just not the same… With some individuals I found real friendships, and I still have them, and I am so grateful to have them in my life, even if we’ve never met irl.

We were many people in the group… I just chose four others to draw, and myself, because I am not going to draw everyone! (Especially since I’m not very good at keeping the same chibi style at every person I draw!) And I’m sleepy.


Day 22

Genma, Kabuto (me, Shikamaru, Gaara & Hidan(ko)!

30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 21

Three weeks! I have to say I’m rather impressed with myself! Two weeks was good, but three? That’s just amazing, being me. I’m seing the light at the end of the tunnel, just nine more days to go. Hopefully I won’t stop drawing when I’m done with the challenge, but who knows…

Anyways, I’ve had a good day! I had an hour with a PT (personal trainer) at the gym, I’ve had good progress the last year and I’ve surprised both myself and him, so yey me!

Now for todays challenge:

Day 21: Something you want

I started out thinking I’d draw something that symbolised world peace or something like that… But no. I want a puppy! Company for my cat, and someone to drag me out the door for walks! I need it! Maybe I should wait with the puppy and draw it in two days, when the challenge is “something I need”? Meh, I’ve drawn it today.

I got bored though, so I finished the head and the body closest to the head. Then I cropped the picture, so that’s why I’ve “zoomed in” so much, it might look a little rough, but that’s the reason. I’m really lazy these days.


Day 21