30 Day Drawing Challenge!

As everyone can see (if anyone actually looks at my blog) my posts are not very frequent! I keep saying I will blog more, but I am a terrible person, a liar!

A couple of days ago a friend of mine started a 31 Day Blog Challenge (Renate Løvlien) , so I thought to myself “Hey, why not try one myself?” I did one two years ago (has it really been that long??) and managed it, so now I’m going to try again! I googled “30 day challange” and it is waaaaaay to many to chose from… So I selected three. So now, I have a three month challange… However, I probably shouldn’t get to confident, I might fail the first week!

I have chosen one photo challenge, one “blog challenge” (write about this and that), and one drawing challenge, which I will start with tomorrow!


I haven’t drawn much by hand lately, so I am not very confident in my skills, but hopefully it’ll be fun, not just frustrating! So, wish me luck (if anyone is actually reading this…) and I hope someone will like what I post the next 30 days!


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