30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 2

Day 2: Favorite animal

I don’t really have a big favorite in the animal kingdom. In my mind you should appreciate all living beings (oooh, how zen of you), but there will always be some animals you really don’t like, and some you appreciate more. If I’d have to pick some favorites I’d have to say the great white (interesting animal, but of course nothing I’d want as a pet 😉 ), wolves (just look at them!) and cats are awesome little devils. So I’m drawing a cat, mostly because I can’t draw animals, and I have a cat to look at.

I can’t remember the last time I tried to draw a realistic animal, so here goes!


Positive thing: I can get a lot better at this!


6 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 2

  1. Hello!
    I stumbled upon your drawings and I have to say I’m pretty impressed!
    You did really well here with lines and consistency.
    (You have a pretty signature.)
    The only thing I would suggest is deeper shading and perhaps a background.
    Even if it is only filled in, it can really complete a drawing.
    Thanks for sharing. (:

    • Hey, thanks for a great comment! Feedback is always appreciated!
      I am not good at shading, I usually go too far, screw it up and it ruins everything, but I’ll work on it! 😁I’ve never been any good at backgrounds either, so I’ll try to work on that too 😅
      Once again, thank you for the comment, and for the pointers ^^

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