30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 5

First of: yey, someone is actually reading my blog! (Or at least someone is clicking their way to it.) I’ve had views in South Africa, Canada, Thailand, The United Arab Emirates, the U.K. and Norway! That’s awesome! I’ve also gotten a nice comment on my 30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 2 from someone I don’t know! Things like that make me happy!

Best friend

The whole “best friend” thing isn’t easy for me, mostly because I don’t have one. I have many friends, even more acquaintances, but not anyone I spend much time with. The ones I see as my very good friends doesn’t live close by, so I don’t see much of them. I just can’t make myself call my boyfriend my “best friend” either, it’s not really the same. Neither my sister at the time being, she has another best friend and she’s my sister… Not a friend. We hate and love eachother equally.

I also thing that to be best friends you need to know the other person feels (at least almost) the same as you, and there I have a problem. I am very bad at figuring out what people think of me, and unless they tell me streight forward I might think they hate me. That’s a problem I know I have. In high school that was the reason I stopped hanging out with a group – I thought they just tolerated me hanging around. A few years later I found out that they had liked me though, and wondered why I disappeared. That was way to late though.

So yeah… Best friend. I love my teddybear, Ai. She loves me in her own possessed way. We’ve been together for almost 26 years (damn, I’ll be 26 soon..), so here she is.


Yeah, I’m pathetic, my best friend is a teddybear. She’s’ wearing one half of a best friends necklace, I have no idea who has the other half. It’s been on her for years.


3 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 5

  1. I see you have been putting in backgrounds and shading a little harder!! It looks fabulous! 🙂
    The little teddy looks so soft and plushy- like I could give her a squeeze.

    I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with your social circle. A best friend feels special, I can understand why you would want someone to call your best friend. Don’t worry though, you’re still a young lady with lots of time to meet many people who could relate to you and forge a connection. You seem like a sweet person and judging by your avatar you have a kind face.

    I’m sure people would love to be your best friend if you kept your heart open to people. That can be pretty frightening though if you don’t have enough confidence in yourself. I know that firsthand.

    You’re not alone though! I have only one friend. 🙂 I hope today is good for you.

    • Thank you! I had to try to when you sai I should ^^ Pretty happy with it! She’s soft and lovely and the bestest teddy ever, lovely to cuddle with 😉

      I hope I’ll get a best friend some day, it’s be nice to have someone to hang out with and to share things with. Till then I have enough people to pester with my insecurity :p

      But one good friend is just as good as 5 friends you’re not sure about! ^^

      (And thank you again! 😀 )

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