30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 7

I’ve made it through a whole week! I was not sure I’d make it, but I did! It’s fun to see that people actually click their way to my blog, I’ve even gotten a few comments about my drawings out there in the “real world”! 😀 So thanks a bunch, guys! It really makes me want to draw more!

Day 7: Favorite word

Wait, people have favorite words? Ok, I’ll work with that. Imagination, hope, believe… Dream? I like writing, so I’m a big fan of words in general, especially words that can have a deeper meaning, tell so much more than just what’s on the surface.

I chose the word dream for this drawing, since it’s a big part of my everyday life. People might not notice when I’m around, but I have a tenency to let my thoughts drift away, daydream. Not always a good thing, especially not in class when we’re deep into a subject. And it happends a lot. I also dream almost every night, something that can be both lovely and strangely tiresome. But my dreams have given me some lovely memories, the feeling of flying is wonderful. To bad it’s not real.

Not a pencil drawing today 😉




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