30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 11

Ok, todays drawing is bad. It sucks. I know. But hey, good days, bad days. Till now I’ve had 3 bad drawing days out of 11, and that’s ok I guess. Besides, how was I supposed to draw todays challenge?

Day 11: Turning point in your life.

Uhm… This drawing could be anything. It doesn’t look like anything special, but it was supposed to be the moment my doctor told me she was going to prescribe me antidepressants, because, well, that’s a big turning point in my life. I’d finally get help after years with depression without daring to ask for help. So yeah, a really big turning point in my life. And the drawing doesn’t really show what it is… But that’s what it is… I’m rambling… Here’s the drawing. And yes, she does squint. (Though she’s not blind on one eyes, which it looks like here…. >.< )

Day 11


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