30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 17

Day 17: Favorite plant

This one was an easy choice!

This is Jim! Jim is my avocado plant. A few months back, I decided to try to grow my own avocado tree, so I got the seed out of an avocado I got at the store and put him in water and there, among many tries, Jim started growing!

His place is on top of my desk, mostly because of his enemy, my cat Tsarina. When he had started growing leafs, but still stood in water, Tsarina decided that he smelled good… When I got out of bed one morning, I found Jim on the other side of the living room, limp and with holes in all his leafs. He looked dead. I didn’t think he would make it, but after a few days he started to feel better again, and now he is growing and healthy! He gets to sit in on the windowsill when I’m watching, but whenever I leave the room he is back up where Tsarina can’t reach him.

Yeah, you can see the markings from my earlier drawings, but it looks ok anyway! It actually looks a lot like him, so I’m happy with it!

Day 17


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