30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 21

Three weeks! I have to say I’m rather impressed with myself! Two weeks was good, but three? That’s just amazing, being me. I’m seing the light at the end of the tunnel, just nine more days to go. Hopefully I won’t stop drawing when I’m done with the challenge, but who knows…

Anyways, I’ve had a good day! I had an hour with a PT (personal trainer) at the gym, I’ve had good progress the last year and I’ve surprised both myself and him, so yey me!

Now for todays challenge:

Day 21: Something you want

I started out thinking I’d draw something that symbolised world peace or something like that… But no. I want a puppy! Company for my cat, and someone to drag me out the door for walks! I need it! Maybe I should wait with the puppy and draw it in two days, when the challenge is “something I need”? Meh, I’ve drawn it today.

I got bored though, so I finished the head and the body closest to the head. Then I cropped the picture, so that’s why I’ve “zoomed in” so much, it might look a little rough, but that’s the reason. I’m really lazy these days.


Day 21


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