30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 24

Today I can’t draw. I blame the paper… I’m using a sketsh pad with the worst paper ever… I can barely erase anything, and the grains are so big it’s impossible to get small details in.. I’ll look for some better paper tomorrow, I probably have some. Or I’ll just buy some monday. Annoying though.

Day 24: A couple

The first thing I thought was: no romantic bullpoo. I didn’t want to draw a classic holding around each other, holding hands kinda thing, I wanted to draw a part of a real relationship! So, they’re fixing up their apartment, painting! It’s something couples do ❤ and one of them is making a mess, because no one is perfect! I’ve named them Tess and Monique, I even started making my own backstory in my head! But I’m not going to write all that.


Day 24



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