30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 26

Today is one of those days. Everything is just wrong, at the gym I managed 10 minutes before it felt like my arm was about to break, my thumb is so painfull I’ve put bandage on my hand to keep it still, and I my mouth hurts because of an ulcer (going on the 2nd week). So todays drawing fits my mood.

Day 26: Something you don’t like

I could have just drawn my own body, but went with something else.

I don’t like war. Shocker. In a perfect world there would be no reason for wars, but we’re far away from that world yet. I could write more about this subject, but at the moment my hand is hurting to much, so maybe another time.

I like todays drawing. Looks cool! Even without new drawingpaper. Added a filter and some contrast on it to make it look a little rougher.


Day 26


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