30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 29

Today has been an ok day. I had plans: school, doctors and then training.

I cancelled with the personal trainer because my hand still hurts a lot.

But that was ok, I still had plans for the day.

I went to bed and read all the texts for school. When I was about to go to sleep I saw that the teacher had sent us a mail at about 00.45, saying he had to cancel the class.

At 8 the docors office called me and told me that my doctor was sick.

So today I have done nothing! But some days that’s just what you need.

Day 29: A place you want to go

Easy! I wanna go to Disneyland! Or Disney World! Any Disney park, really! Most I want to go to the one in Florida! I’ve wanted to for many many maaany years, and if I keep on believing, the dream that I wish will come true! Cinderella, anyone? 

Enjoy ^^ Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge!

Day 29


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