30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 30

I made it to day 30! I am so proud of myself! Seriously. I wasn’t sure I would manage to get things out every day, so now I can give myself a pat on the shoulder.

I can guarantee that I won’t post every day from now on, but I will try to keep drawing and post now and then! I will also start challenge number two soon, not sure if it’ll be a photo challenge or just a writing challenge. We’ll see.

But that won’t happend in a couple of weeks. Next weekend I’m going to Trondheim, to participate in NM for bands! And the next weekend I’ll be going to Ålesund for my nieces baptism/christening.


Anyways, it’s been fun to draw and see how many views and likes I’ve gotten, and where in the world my blog has been seen! I’ve passed 50 likes on my blog, and 20 followers, so thank yoooou!

Day 30: A congrats banner for finishing the challenge


Day 30


One thought on “30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 30

  1. Er det NM i janitsjar neste helg allerede? Woah, må prøve å få med Henrik og kikke litt da. 😀

    Du er forresten flink som fikk til hver dag, og jeg har likt alt du har tegna. Har værr noe jeg har gleda meg til hver kveld, så er synd det er ferdig. 😛

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