Just a little update

As I thought, I did not manage to blog at all after I finished the 30 day drawing challenge! And no, I most likely will not manage to keep it up again, unless I start another challenge. I am thinking about doing another one with photography, and maybe another one with drawings later? We’ll see! As for now, posting now and then is probably the only thing I’ll be able (remember…) to do.

It’s summer vecation now, and I am lazy most of the day, except when I’m going to the gym or out jogging… I’m looking for a part time job for both the summer and hopefully for the next year, some extra income next to the scholarship would be nice. So that’s what my days are all about (not much then..) I’ve had a couple of walks, and a couple of days ago my boyfriend and I went on an evening walk, so I thought I’d post one of the pictures I took, just to have something to show!

Hope everyone is doing ok (if anyone reads this at all, there was a few last time I wrote!), and have a wonderful summer!



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