Drawlloween #6

Drawlloween #6 – Urban Legends!

So, today I drew Slender Man! The modern urban legend says that Slender Man is a silent stalker that likes to hide in plain sight, places where he can blend in – among trees or dark corners. Once he is close enough for you to see him, it’s already too late. He will follow you to your home, appear in your home in dark hallways, in your tv or outside your window. Once he has you in his spidery hands… Well, there are many different legends… he asks you a question, answer right and he only breaks your arms and legs, answer wrong and he pokes his fingers down your throat and ends up pulling out your heart. Others say he kidnaps children, never to be found.

Anyways, hope you like the drawing! Not quite as scary as I’d like, but I like it.



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