Late night artwork

Last night I didn’t feel like going to bed, I just wasn’t tired. This is a normal occurence in my life (and I am sure it is for many others), and usually I just go to bed and lie there, trying to force myself to get tired. That rarely works, surprise surprise.

Since I didn’t feel like going to bed and stare at the ceiling, I decided to try being artistic again, something I really don’t do often enough nowadays. I knew I wanted something blue to put on my bedroom wall, so I just started with a couple of canvases and painted them blue – then I’d see what I felt like adding. I ended up with two nice little things, I think they turned out alright!






So now I have something to stare at when I go to bed and try to force myself to sleep.



Time flies by so haltingly

Sooo, it’s February, and here’s this years first entry. I’ve been thinking about writing so many times, yet I havn’t managed to just sit down and do it… Well, I’ve been sitting a lot, it’s the whole thing with activating my brain to actually do anything productive that is the problem. I keep telling myself I’ll do it tomorrow, or after an episode of whatever… And suddenly it’s been a week since I told myself I was going to write. But now I finally am! I told myself that today will be a productive day, so I am doing my best to not just lie down and stare at the ceiling. The last thing I did yesterday was fix my computer (myself, after my boyfriend kept putting it off… If you want something done…). So now I have my laptop to blog on, and it’s probably the only thing I will use it for, so maybe I’ll blog more? Nah, who am I trying to fool…

My whole perception of time has been kind of screwed up this year, I’m not sure why. They say your awareness of time changes the older you become, and that time seems to go faster. 100% logic in my opinion, no question there. But it feels like it should be at least May by now! On the 7th of January I was almost dumbfounded, I thought it was the 14th! I couldn’t believe it was just one week since I was celebrating New Years Eve with my boyfriends family. Now it feels like I’ve done so much this year that it can’t just be the 6th of February. I’ve started with a new subject at college, Special Pedagogy, and every week we’ve had seminars where the students has presented some of the syllabus for the other students, so it really feels like I’ve learned loads, and done lots there. I’ve also used a couple of weekends on music: the 21th I played with Lillehammer Symfoniorkester, a New Year Concert (it was awesome. I am not the best musician, so I’m proud of what I did there), and the weekend before that I had a seminare with Fåberg Musikkforening, the janissary band I play with, our first weekend working on the pieces of music we will be playing on NM in Trondheim (music competition) the 1st of April (I’ll probably feel like it should be the end of the year before we get there…). I’m hoping to play a little every day now, my french horn is lying in the window sill, ready to be used. Hopefully I’ll be ready for NM.


But yeah, now I’m straying from what i was writing about…

It’s annoying when time goes by so slow, but at the same time I hope this keeps up… At least it feels like I get a lot of time, and that I have a chance at getting things done! I’m starting at my bachelor’s thesis soon (hopefully next week…), and I think I really need all the help I can get! I still have no idea what exactly to write about (it will be media and pedagogy, but more than that? I don’t know), and I really need to do better this time than the last time I wrote a bachelor’s thesis. Aaaand I have to try to find a bloody job… I am working on it, but I’ll probably go without a job for years… I really have high expectations for myself here!

So… now I  have to keep having a productive day. But I really feel like going to bed at the moment… I am a lazy student, ok? 8 o’clock lectures ain’t my thing.