I am horrible with titles! When I’m not doing a blog challenge I just stare at the title-line, my mind going emphty. But anyway, here’s todays painting! I’m not sure why, but I really, really liked this painting! Hope you guys do too!


Flower hair

So, today I’ve been writing on my bachelor’s thesis all day… And now I really feel bad because I forgot to meet up to some voluntary work… It’s not a big deal, but I really feel bad for it… But showing off things I’ve made seems to make me feel better, so here’s something I painted a couple of days ago!

Shout out if you want to buy it, I need money  XD




Late night artwork

Last night I didn’t feel like going to bed, I just wasn’t tired. This is a normal occurence in my life (and I am sure it is for many others), and usually I just go to bed and lie there, trying to force myself to get tired. That rarely works, surprise surprise.

Since I didn’t feel like going to bed and stare at the ceiling, I decided to try being artistic again, something I really don’t do often enough nowadays. I knew I wanted something blue to put on my bedroom wall, so I just started with a couple of canvases and painted them blue – then I’d see what I felt like adding. I ended up with two nice little things, I think they turned out alright!






So now I have something to stare at when I go to bed and try to force myself to sleep.


Drawlloween #15 & #16

Another day with double up! Didn’t get the chance yesterday, since I met up with some friends, drinking wine etc. Lovely evening!

Also, I’m cheating today. I drew one, but then decided to just post another picture, not very Halloweeny, but so be it! The theme of todays challenge is there!

Hope you like them ^^

#15 – drive in creature feature! 15

#16 – full moon!


Drawlloween #14

#14 – Scarecrow Row

Scarecrow! Usually I post after 10 o’clock, even a few hours late according to the time here in Norway, but today I’ve had plenty of time, so no stress! ^^

So, does the scarecrow stand guard, or does he plan something evil for the farmer in his house? You decide! The second option is more Halloweeny.

Hope you like it!