Art: Fight like a girl

OK, so I havn’t written on my blog for over four months: bad. I guess there has just been too many things going on, besides me being incredibly lazy of course. I’l just leave it at that for now! I wanted to try something new with painting, and this was the result. I like it, except for the fact that the word “fight” looks totally stupid. But you have to try things out a few times before it turns out like you want it (I don’t think I have the focus or patience for it though). Maybe I’ll end up painting more on it later, I am sure I can salvage it somehow, but for now I’m planning to hang it on the wall, inspiring my boyfriend to be strong and wonderful, like a girl.


Just joking, equality for the win!



Inktober2017 #31

This last day I was really tired and feeling bad… I’ve now been sick for a week, but hey! I made it through inktober!