Drawlloween #18-20

So yeah, more lazy days, today included.

#18 Nosfera-tuesday

#19 Witchcraft Wednesday

#20 Horses and Headless men



Headless horseman: “Showtime!”
Witch: “She forgot about us, huh?”
Vampire: *Nods*


Drawlloween #15 & #16

Another day with double up! Didn’t get the chance yesterday, since I met up with some friends, drinking wine etc. Lovely evening!

Also, I’m cheating today. I drew one, but then decided to just post another picture, not very Halloweeny, but so be it! The theme of todays challenge is there!

Hope you like them ^^

#15 – drive in creature feature! 15

#16 – full moon!


Drawlloween #14

#14 – Scarecrow Row

Scarecrow! Usually I post after 10 o’clock, even a few hours late according to the time here in Norway, but today I’ve had plenty of time, so no stress! ^^

So, does the scarecrow stand guard, or does he plan something evil for the farmer in his house? You decide! The second option is more Halloweeny.

Hope you like it!


Drawlloween #13

As some of you might have noticed (if someone is looking…) I’ve skipped a couple of days. This due to me reading for an oral exam, which I did today… I’ve had enough to think about, so I did the choice to skip them… I might get back to them, but I really didn’t feel like doing more than one today! And I’ve made it simple, by hand. Now I’m going to go watch some horror movies from the 40s, because it’s almost Samhain!

Drawlloween #13 – Thursday the 13th! So… inspiration from Friday the 13th, but it’s Thursday, so no killing this month!

Hope you like it ^^


Drawlloween #10

Drawlloween #10 – Demonday

Maybe more of a devil than a demon?

Well, at least I made I drawing I can post today (though not the best I’ve made), it’s ok I guess! A little dark maybe, and the dpi should probably have been higher.. But oh well!

Hope you like it ^^